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The Dance

(by Samantha Harrison)

Before I was saved I was dancing with Satan...he let me lead..he loved when I lied, cheated, got drunk, swore, gossiped, smoked cigarettes, had un forgiveness, low self esteem, loved money and wanted to be rich cause that would solve all my problems! Lustful, selfish, vanity, and hate. He wanted me to love "things" and nothing was ever enough, I was never fulfilled. Dancing with him is like dancing in the dark with no light.....

Then God stepped in and said...."She's mine!" " You can't have her!" Then he wrapped his loving arms around me and I felt a love I never felt before...then he looked me deep in my heart and soul and asked..."Can I have this dance?" "Can I dance with you forever? Let me lead my precious daughter, I will protect you and love you more than any human!" "In me you will find peace, love and joy!" "But let me warn you the dances may change, they will get harder as you learn, but I will never ever let you go!" "You are my prize, my love, my child." I said "Yes! and I'm dancing with my beautiful Father, he is leading and I'm in awe of him!" The brightest light was shining and for the first time I could see!

He told me all about Jesus and how he sent him here to save us from our sins. He told me all I had to do was believe and accept Jesus as my Lord and savior and know and confess that he is the son of a God! I agreed...I surrendered...I am saved! I am clean! By the blood of Jesus! Amen! God handed me a book called The Holy Bible. He told me he wrote it for his precious children, to teach them how to live and act here on earth to spread his love and his good word. I took the Bible and started reading it everyday! I couldn't believe how beautiful this book was!! It has power! Healing! Love! Restoration!

I've been dancing with my father for some years now. I'm so in love. He completes me! He is the best dancer ever! I will never ever let go no matter how hard the steps maybe, his love and guidance will carry me through this life on earth.

I'm so full of Love, light, laughter, forgiveness, compassion, self esteem, caring, helpful, humble,I'm here to serve...not to be served! Most of all I'm content and at peace, because he lives in me! I'm storing my treasures in heaven! Thank you my beautiful heavenly Father for cutting in and dancing with me!

Love your daughter,



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