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God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone. We were meant to do life together. How can we apply these "one another" references unless we are in intentional, close relationships with each other? God calls us to love, not in an abstract or superficial way, but in a deep, face to face, life-on-life, transformative way—which is difficult and inevitably messy.

It is in connect groups that people can get close enough to know each other, to care and share, to challenge and support, to confide and confess, to forgive and be forgiven, to laugh and weep together, to be accountable to each other, to watch over each other and to grow together. Personal growth does not happen in isolation. It is the result of interactive relationships. Life groups are God's gift to foster changes in character and spiritual growth.

FCF Connect Groups Vision

These guidelines will equip us to:

Live The Truth and Share The Hope

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