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Ross Osborn

Senior Pastor

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Darl Clemons

Associate Pastor

Darl has been a pastor at Faith Covenant Church since 2005. Darl and his wife, Barb were married on December 2, 1978. Little did they realize what God had planned for their lives way back then. With a guitar in one hand, a Bible in the other, Darl began ministry with the one talent he knew God had given to him—singing. When you remain faithful to what He has called you to do, God will add to your one talent more opportunities to serve Him along with more challenges to grow in Him.

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Fred Criminger

Community Outreach / Youth Pastor

Fred dedicated his life to the Lord when he was 14 years old. His junior year in high school at church camp was when God called him to full time ministry. After Lincoln Christian College, Fred was involved in youth ministry for five years until God called him to be a pastor. He preached full time for almost 30 years at several churches in Illinois. In 2016, God called Fred to be the youth and community outreach pastor at Faith Covenant Fellowship. Fred and his wife, Tammy, oversee the youth program at FCF and are involved in several other ministries.

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