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  • Jackie Raderstorf

The Books of Wisdom Writings

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Books of Wisdom are the next 5 Books: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.

Some information of writers and the Books:

>> Wise men – give advice to kings; give instruction to the young on more practical and philosophical matters.

>> Priests and prophets – were advisors of religious life.

>> Proverbs – related the how-to-behave for a good life.

>> Job and Ecclesiastes – took on the difficult philosophical and theological questions.

Except for Job, Solomon is involved in each of the other books.

Job: The Book of Job is an unusual book. Only God, the angels and satan knows why it took place. The Author is unknown.

Satan wanted to prove to God that His relationship with Job was flawed. That Job, without all his materials possessions, would cave-in and curse Him. This would cause embarrassment to God and God would be a loser. (Boo! Hssss!)

Three friends try to help Job; Job addresses their “help?”. And God has the final word.

Job 28:28

Psalms: It is a book of Psalms, but each chapter is a Psalm (e.g. Psalm 23) It seems that the origin of Psalms goes back many centuries into Israel’s history. The works of many different authors were compiled into one book. The authors include David, Solomon, some priests and Levites.

This Book includes praise, worship, prayers, helps and aids, healing, deliverance, thankfulness, comfort, peace etc. Reading the Psalms brings peace, relief….

The Book of Psalms is a book that only a personal experience can explain. PTL!

Proverbs: Proverbs has several authors, Solomon being included. The writings of these wise men are not to be mistaken as prophecy or promises. The Book is to inform and instruct the young. It is a practical book for acquiring wisdom and discipline, based on the fear of the Lord (1:1-7)

The nature of a proverb is to distribute wisdom:

>> wisdom literature is to be direct and to the point. It is to emphasize the truth and turn sinners from their evil ways.

>> most proverbs are short and compact, some with humor and some with sarcasm included.

>> the structure of proverbs contain different patterns to emphasize different points.

Chapter 31:10-31 is the Epilogue. It contains the description of all you could want in a wife – the ideal woman.

NOTE: Perfection is to strive for, but can never be attained.

Ecclesiastes: The suggested author of Ecclesiastes is King Solomon. In 1:1 is the reference to Teacher, son of David, king in Jerusalem. Verse 12 declares the writer as ‘was king over Israel in Jerusalem’, so possibly an older Solomon.

>> A time for this, a time for that, or something else.

“meaningless, a chasing after the wind” …without God!

>> The author depicts man as running here and there, wanting one thing or another – the vanity pursuing whatever looks good.

“meaningless, a chasing after the wind” …without God!

>> That human wisdom, even as a godly person, has limits. Man cannot know everything.

“meaningless, a chasing after the wind” …without God!

Song of Solomon: The author of Song of Solomon (Song of Songs) is believed to be King Solomon, David’s son. But, there are other options.

Interpretation of the meaning of thee scriptures also vary. Some believe it speaks symbolically of God’s love for the nation of Israel; between Christ and the church; or Christ and the soul. Some believe it is an example of true love between a married man and woman. The imagery from the words of poetry (e.g. 4:1-4) are reflective of the culture of the times.

The love of a man and woman joined in marriage was created by God. He planned for a relationship to last a lifetime. The sexual and physical part of marriage was included in His plan.

Authentic love is deeper in feeling and emotion than the ordinary touchy-feely relationship. It goes deeper into the heart and soul of a person, as a divine love. Very similar to our relationship with God.

Chapter 8:7a

God has given us sooo much in His word. In all of His word, Old Testament as well as the New Testament. Don’t miss any of it.

Go with God, Jackie

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