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  • Erik Lightner

By the Way, Who Made God?

In looking for answers to defend the Christian faith and the idea that the universe is based on intelligent design, we can be confronted with the question,"If God created everything, then who created God?"

First of all, God didn’t come from anywhere. So you may ask, “How is this an explanation?” The idea of asking “Where did God come from?” assumes that you are talking about a created God. The whole point in the Bible is that God was not created. He is eternal. In my thinking, it makes sense that there is an eternal God. Considering the universe, its laws, its capacity for mathematical definition and that the human mind came from God, as opposed to having no explanation for the origin of the universe, seems logical to me.

In terms of everything else, it does not seem to make sense for me to believe that something comes from nothing. Every watch has a watchmaker. If I can look at my car and know that it was created in a factory somewhere, then for me it is reasonable to conclude that the universe and humanity, much larger in complexity, were created in all of their magnificence by intelligent design.

Life has a digital database, or style and expression, all of its own. Language comes from intentional design, or mind. We know of no other way for it to be created. From a Christian perspective, God is the agent of creation separate from his designed systems, or laws of reality and nature. Surely, we may be able to explain and understand these systems that govern our reality. However, by understanding and explaining these phenomena does not do away with the agent. You can’t explain away the agent by describing the mechanism; because I can describe how the combustible engine works, does not mean it did not have a creator.


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