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  • Jackie Raderstorf

Book of Acts: (the early church)

Acts 1:1-5

Book of Acts:  (the early church)

This book is also called, Acts of the Apostles. There are only a few Apostles mentioned, though. The author of the Book of Acts is Luke. This is the same Luke that wrote the Gospel of Luke.

Luke’s writing focuses mostly on the route of the gospel from Jerusalem to Rome, the political and cultural center of the world at that time. The Book of Acts begins with Jesus reminding the Apostles to wait for God’s promise to be fulfilled, the arrival of the Holy Spirit. He, then, ascends into heaven. The Holy Spirit gathered all nations of people, into one big fellowship and directed the development and growth of the early church.

The purpose of the Book of Acts was to explain the truthful and triumphant course of the gospel beginning with Jesus’ ministry and continuing through to the Christian church. Also, Luke wanted to show that the early church, known as ‘The Way’, and the followers, known as Christians, were not a cult nor a political element against Rome.

The  Holy Spirit directed the beginning and development of the early church. It should still be directing todays Christian Church.

This is a history of the early church and could fill in some blanks. Enjoy reading the Book of Acts.  


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